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Our Team Building activities help develop strong values ​​in your business, such as: team cohesion, interdependence, self-transcendence, involvement, communication … and to bring all these collective values ​​to a COMMON GOAL

Treasure Hunt semi rigid boat

In the spirit of adventure raids, we offer you a challenge that combines the discovery of a site, the orientation in the marine environment, the pleasure of being at sea and where the watchwords are “team “,” action “and” sense of initiative. “On outboard sur-vitamin you will live an adventure and share meaningful moments.


Participants are divided into teams of 7/8 people and each team has a fragment of a map to locate a treasure. After an introduction to reading the charts, the definition and monitoring of a cap, all boarded more rigid type Zodiac, supervised by a driver with a perfect knowledge of the site.

Your teams will advance from island to island and collect clues to reconstruct the map and locate the treasure. Based on reflection, observation and teamwork, the program combines the discovery of a site to a course where prevail, “team spirit”, “analysis” and “decision making”.

The game ends with an awards nod, an opportunity to make a photo of your group caught in the act of relaxation.

Our favorite sites:

• La Rochelle, the Port of Saint-Martin de Ré Island and Fort Boyard,